Wednesday, April 22, 2009

big news

well, i havent written in so long... my life has been a little hectic :)

in the midst of all this, i have found out that my boyfriend and i are expecting a little baby due november 17, 2009. i have yet to find out the gender, as i am only 10 weeks along now. i waited to announce it on here, so that i could "make it through" the first couple weeks without any complications. so far, everything is progressing well. both our families are excited and in anticipation of this little bundle of joy. i can't wait to find out if it is a girl or boy!! i think they are able to tell at 14-20 weeks... so just a few more weeks to go!

it really is amazing what the body can do, considering it has not even been 1 year since i donated my kidney. 

below are some photos! enjoy!!

7 weeks sonogram

9 weeks, 1 day sonogram

 9 weeks 1 day sonogram picture 2


Kris said...

Hi,Melissa, I am thrilled with the news of your coming child. You are truly blessed to be the central part of so many gifts of life. I look forward to meeting and watching your child blossom in your love. I am still recovering and I am about 70% of normal. The Doctors say I will be 99% back in 3 more months when they finally start lowering the dosage of my Immune-suppressant drugs and I can be around other people. I am counting the days. Because of you, I will touch many lives in the coming years and you can believe where ever I go in life I will tell the story of the kindest person I have ever met whose chose to save my life. God Bless You and your soon - to - be family. Love Kris Randall

JeanieSpokane said...

I just discovered your blog and am so impressed with you. Great, great news about your new baby. What a blessing!

I am just now on the kidney transplant list. Every where I went for testing, they asked if i were a "giver" or a "receiver." (I was a little glad they didn't ask if I was a "taker" because I was starting to feel pretty selfish.)

It is very interesting and helpful to read from a donor's point of view.

Blessings to you, your husband, and Baby!

bobby said...

Just read about your amazing story in The New Yorker. I think your decision to donate was absolutely wonderful and commendable. To many, including me, your decision was very heroic and inspirational.

Best wishes to you and your family. And by the way, congrats on the baby! I have found parenthood to be the most thrilling and joyous adventure of all.


Bobby Cox

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